This masterclass is for you if anxiety impacts you in some of the following ways:


  • Your head is full of churning thoughts that you can’t think straight or rationally and going through all the scenarios each and every time and leaves you exhausted 
  • You’re struggling to relax with this big ball of anxiety in your stomach that just won’t let you settle 
  • You’re quick to anger and find yourself going from 0 to 100 in 2 milliseconds 
  • You avoid situations and people that make you feel anxious 
  • You’ve lost your confidence and mojo as your anxiety inhibits what you allow yourself to do
  • You’ve tried breathing and meditation and nothing works - in fact, you’re even more anxious now 
  • You’re busy trying to get life right and everything under control that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to just enjoy life and you’re feeling completely burnt out 
  • At times, everything gets so overwhelming, you end up experiencing anxiety attacks which leave you feeling exhausted and unable to manage certain situations 


In this 60 min interactive Masterclass, we will cover:


  • What the role of anxiety is and why the brain is wired to think anxious thoughts 
  • Why anxiety is a part with a role to protect and support you (even if it doesn’t feel like this!)
  • How changing your perception of anxiety and your relationship with anxiety brings relief and allows you to find freedom from it 
  • The power of thoughts and how changing your actions and thoughts can change the emotions and feelings 
  • A selection of tools which can quickly cut through anxiety



By joining this masterclass you will:


  • Completely change the way you see anxiety and your relationship with it 
  • Gain huge insight into anxiety meaning you can quickly take control of your thoughts, those feelings will dissipate and it will lessen the impact it has on your life.
  • Learn tools and strategies to create distance between you and the anxious part of you so that you can find freedom from it 
  • Increase your energy as you’re not so exhausted by those thoughts, feelings and emotions meaning you’ll have the energy and motivation to go for walks/exercise/take the kids out/do things around the house/apply for that job 
  • Stop avoiding situations or people that make you feel anxious meaning that you feel much more confident and fulfilled 
  • Increase your ability to manage life/work and parenthood 

This masterclass was recorded on the 24th June 2021 and is now available.

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Anxiety Superhero Masterclass